Logo design,  logo animation and logo adjustment for social media.


Collection of logos that I have designed over the last few years. Each of them began with a conversation and questions until I have a clear enough understanding of what the client wants and needs. I mainly start in a sketchbook and then magically end on my computer.

Logo RCA MAth tutor

Online tutoring

Logo Ilusiones Criollas

3-integrants music band : Singer, guitar & cajon player 

United hearts canada

Canadian non-profit organization

Captured by Claribel

Claribel, professional photographer

Delta Group Academy

Courses for Adult & children


“Educación de Calidad y Excelencia”
Online classes

Valois bowling

Bowling salon

Ace Supply kids

A place for kids

Calgary Peruvian Community Association

Peruvian’s organization living in Calgary

Catholic Society of Missionaries of God's Love

Lay missionaries’ organization of the Catholic Church

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Our pride...

Mission possible

Marketing solutions

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